What is Paidverts?

Paidverts is a new revolution in the ptc industry which has come to change the method of ptc. Paidverts is paying in dollars where other ptcs are paying in cents and most of them are scams.
  • Is Paidverts a scam? No, it is not a scam where most of the ptcs are scams. There is no hide earnings for the admins.Everything is open for the users. All the statistics are open for all. So everybody can earn here fairly and don't need any cheating or spamming.
  • What about referrals? You don't need to rent or buy any referrals. Without having referrals you will be earning a good money from paidverts. So you don't have to look for referrals.Cheers!

    What is minimum cash out?

    Minimum cash out is only $1.Cheers!!!


    How Paidverts works?

    Paidverts pays you to interact with advertisers. Paid ads will be delivered to your account daily.All you have to do is copy 3 lines of text about the ad.And then visit the website for 30 seconds to unlock your instant cash payment.


    How can you earn money?


    Create a free account

    at Paidverts. Be careful when you enter your date of birth. I recommend to use the certificates date of birth. So that no chance of mistake. Because when you wish to cahout the money they will ask for your date of birth. If you can't remember then you will not be able to withdraw the money.I would like to suggest my name "paidshahriar" as your referrer to fill out the registration form.If you use "paidshahriar" as your referrer then you and I both will be benefitted.Of course you will not have any kind of loss.

    STEP 2-

    After successful registration log in to your account.Then go to the 'Member Home Page' where you will find 'activation ads'. Click those activation ads. You will find 8 activation ads daily.Click those all 8 activation ads.Each activation ads carries '50 BAP'(BAP=Bonus Ad Points).So every day you will be earning 16*25 BAP=400 BAP. 1 BAP=$0.0005

    But you can not convert you BAP to real money.These BAP will keep your account active and allow you for high paying ads.If you don't click the activation BAP then your account will move to inactive state day by day.The more BAP you click the more activation day you will earn and the more chance of earning you will have.In fact the BAP keeps your account active and make you eligible for high paying ads.So don't miss the activation ads for a single day.Suppose you have 1000 BAP today.The next day you may find an add of " $ 0.1".But it will deduct 200 BAP from your account.It will deduct 200*0.0005=$ 0.1.So the more BAP you will have the more high value ads will be available for you.If you have 1000 BAP then you can't expect ads of $1/$2/or more.If you want to get $1 ad at your account you should have minimum 2000 BAP.So trick is to earn as much BAP as you can.


    STEP 3-

    You will find 2 types of ads everyday.One is activation ads and the other is paid ads.Activation ads will give you BAP+will keep your account active for more days and Paid ads will give you real money.Activation ads will expire in 24 hours whether paid ads will expire withing 18 hours.So try to log in 2 times a day at the interval of 12 hours.Click all the ads available for you.


    As we know that other ptc sites require a lot money for upgrading but Paidverts does not require much money to upgrade and that is only $0.05 is required for upgrading which is unbelievable!!!.Anybody can do this upgrade.Clicking the paid ads within a few days you will be earning more than $0.05.So trick is to upgrade your account by only $0.05.

    Why should you upgrade?

    If you spend only $0.05 (which have you earned from paidverts) to upgrade your account then you will be eligible for receiving the recycled ads.Recycled ads mean those ads which are not clicked by others or missed by someone.Those ads will come to your account. This $0.05 expense will surely deliver $1+ worth of adds to your account.You may receive 200*0.005 ads or if you are lucky enough then you may receive a high value ad like $2/$5/$10 etc. So your minimum profit will be: $1-$0.05=$0.95;that means your profit will be 1900%;can you imagine!!! Isn't upgrading is much profitable? *one thing you should know that you should have 2500 BAP in your account.Don't worry within a few days you will have 2500 BAP in your account. When you have 2500 BAP you should go for the up-gradation just by spending $0.05.

    STEP 5

    -ANOTHER IMPORTANT PART(of course profitable...cheers!) There is another option (BULK ADS) which is called purchasing ad packs.It is also much profitable.We all know that in other ptc sites if we buy any ad pack then we have to spend a lot money there and what type of feedback we get is well known to every ptc users.So far the feedback I got is just horrible for me..ha ha ha.But at Paidverts you don't have to worry about this.You don't have to spend enough money to buy an ad pack.Can you imagine that you can buy an ad pack just by spending $1. Yes it is only $1 required to buy an ad pack.You don't have to invest a single penny from your own pocket.The money $1+ that you have earned from STEP 4(see previous para), spend that $1 to buy an ad pack.If you buy this ad pack then the benefits that you will get are listed below-

    Create Multiple Income Stream for FREE

    /50 visits to your website or your any referral link for 30 seconds each 100 banner impression (125*125) 25 top of page banner impression (728*90) Last but the most important profit is you will get 3100 BAP whose value is $1.55 So without considering the website visits and banner impressions you will surely get 3100 BAP=$1.55. That means spending $1 you are earning $1.55 with other benefits. In total your profit is=55%+Other benefits. Isn't it profitable???



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